A block in the Dialog Builder that is aimed to help you work with many meanings in user’s wording is called “a multi-intent”.

What is a multi-intent

A multi-intent is an intent that can summarize two or more intents. In other words, a multi-intent can summarize two or more meanings so that your bot can give a more precise answer to the user’s request. For example, if a user asks a question about the delivery of a certain product and the bot has separate intents about the terms of the delivery and about variety of products, then we can create a multiintent by combining these two intents.

How to create a multi-intent

A multi-intent can be a key one when a dialogue starts with it and an ordinary one when it is inside the dialogue. The logic here is the same as with intents. You can a button to create a multi-intent exactly in the same places as they are for intents.

All intents, both key intents and ordinary intents inside the dialogue, are available to be used inside the key intent.

In the answer block we add the answer specifically for this intent.