It often happens that you do not have enough data at the very beginning of your journey to automate conversations. Therefore, in this step, the History section will help you.

How to use the History section

Let’s start. In the History section all the statistics of the bot communication with users are collected. This is necessary in order to collect possible questions from users and see if your assistant answers correctly.

After you have chosen the right intents, you need to click the “True” button. Then these sample questions will be added to the corresponding intents.

You can always see and change them in the Builder.

After you have added all the sample questions to the intents you need to train the bot again. To do this, click the button “train the bot”.

Small tips

1. The same examples of questions in intents are highlighted in red and are not considered as two different examples.

2. Adding questions on a different topic to one intent will make your bot worse. Such intent may stop working altogether.

3. Intent with single word examples may not work at all.