How to get a phone number for your bot via Voximplant

To set up your voice bot, you need to get a phone number for it via This easy exercise can be done in the following way.

1. You create an account on

2. In the main menu of the personal account you go to Numbers -> My phone numbers -> Buy new phone number

3. Then you need to select a country, a state, a type of the number and a region for a desired phone number.

Please, pay attention that Odus allows you to send voice broadcasts and SMS to phone numbers of your users. That’s why selecting the right properties for your phone number pay attention to the details a phone number provides.

For example, if you are from Russia and you want to send SMS to your users, then you can choose only Moscow region with details “SMS support” in brackets (the example is stated in the picture). Usually all European mobile phone numbers and all US phone numbers support SMS.

4. To complete the purchase, you need to press the button “Buy selected” in the bottom of the page and proceed with the payment.

How to connect a phone number to your bot

1. First, you need to create a new application in your Voximplant personal account. In the main menu you follow to Applications -> New Application -> Name of a new application -> Create

2. When the application is created, it receives an ID. You can go into the application and copy this ID from URL.

3. You go to your personal account in Odus and follow in the main menu Configure -> VoIP. You need to enter data from Voximplant here. Application ID is from the step 2 of this instruction.

To enter Account ID and API key, in your personal account in Voximplant you follow the button of your profile -> API Access -> copy data from these two lines to Odus

4. After you enter these data and press “Save”, the second menu will open to you. You need to choose the phone number to be assigned to your bot from the list of phone numbers from your Voximplant account. Then you also select the language of your bot and a gender of the voice. You press “Save” again, and your voice bot is ready to use!!