To set up your voice bot, you need to get a phone number for it via Voximplant (…r-via-voximplant/) or Twilio This easy exercise can be done in the following way.

  1. You create an account on
  2. You buy a phone number ( You need to select a country and capabilities of the number you are buying. Please, pay attention that Odus allows you to send voice broadcasts and SMS to phone numbers of your users. That’s why selecting the right properties for your phone number pay attention to the details a phone number provides. Press”Search”.
  3. Choose the number, press “Buy” and proceed with the payment.

How to connect a phone number to your bot

  1. To connect your phone number to your bot, you go to “Configure” section, choose VoIP and Twilio as a provider.
  2. Then you go to “Dashboard” ( and copy Account SID and Auth Token.
  3. You enter them in VoIP section and press “Save”.
  4. After you enter these data and press “Save”, the second menu will open to you. You need to choose the phone number to be assigned to your bot from the list of phone numbers from your Twilio account. Then you also select the language of your bot and a gender of the voice. You need to enter the phone number of a live operator so that bot could switch your client to him/her. You press “Save” again, and your voice bot is ready to use!!