One of the best functions of assistants and bots in instant messengers is the ability to create broadcasts. Conversion to an open or click-through rate there is 4-10 times higher. It is a solid reason to start using such a tool. There are links confirming my words.

Odus can also do such broadcasts. Let’s look into how it works.

Instant messaging

A message can be sent instantly. To do so, just go to the Broadcast section and fill out several fields.

Here is what this function can do:

  • Send a message to all messengers together, or do it separately.
  • Send several messages in a row to one mailing list.
  • Send different types of messages in the mailing list: text, photo, files, etc.
  • Send messages to individual user segments.
  • Schedule messages to be sent on a certain date or after a certain event.

Scheduled messaging

For maximum automation of your marketing, you need to use scheduled message sequences. It is possible.

Here you have access to the whole host of functions, just like in instant mailings. But now you can schedule the message to be sent by date or select a time delay, after which the message will be sent to the user provided it hits the selected customer segment.

How to send a broadcast on a certain date

To schedule a broadcast to be sent on a certain date, you need to choose “Date” in the scheduling menu and select a certain date and time when a system will send a broadcast through all connected channels.

How to schedule a broadcast by action

Only one type of actions is available now to schedule a broadcast. You can send a broadcast to a user after some time she/he was placed into a certain user segment. This feature is very convenient for marketing purposes: if a new user was placed into a user segment, after some time you could remind her/him about your services and suggest an offer that could be beneficial for a new user based on a user segment she/he was placed into.

To schedule a broadcast based on action, you need to choose “Action” as an option to schedule a broadcast and then to specify time when a broadcast will be sent.

How to design a message for a broadcast

You can easily design messages for your broadcast in the same way you design answers. Exactly the same options are available to you to design a message for your broadcast. You can read an article how to use answers in the Dialog Builder here:

Attention: you can not use shortcodes collected in your forms in messages for a broadcast!

How to follow History of your broadcasts

After sending any message it goes to the History section where you can view the delivery, open and click-through rates statistics.

Usage examples

  • If you need the customer to receive a personal offer message following the first communication session with the bot, set up sending a message with a 1-2 hour delay.
  • If there is any change in your company – send an instant message to all subscribers of your bot.

By combining and rearranging these function, you can create an automated sales funnel in instant messengers without using complex tools!