To target broadcasts, you can use user segments for convenience.

  1. To schedule a broadcast, you go to “Broadcast”section and choose a user segment for a broadcast:
  2. You turn on “Set schedule” option:
  3. You can schedule a broadcast according to date or an action. You can see how to set up a broadcast according to date here: When you choose an action, it means that your broadcast will be sent to users from this segment after certain time (you must specify it) after users were assigned to the appropriate user segment. Specify time after which the broadcast will be sent to users:
  4. Press “Plan” to save your setup.
  5. You can check that your broadcast is scheduled in the submenu “Scheduled”. Please be notified that in case there are no users in the user segment, the broadcast can not be scheduled. The basic analytics of your broadcasts can be viewed in the section “History”.