Connecting your bots is easy now since there is such an option in an answer block in a bot 🙂

  1. To connect two bots from your personal account, you can just choose the appropriate function in an answer block:
  2. When you press “Redirection”, you will see a window where you can choose a bot to be switched to:
  3. After having chosen the bot to be switched to, you press “Save”. You are done!
  4.  Please notice that when a client is redirected to another bot, he/she is moved directly in a dialog builder of another bot. This means the bot a client is switched to doesn’t start a dialog with a welcome message. To start conversation, your client should state his/her request to the bot first.
  5. Hint: if you have several services, before ending the dialog with a client you can always suggest your client your other services from other bots you have. In case your client is interested, you add an answer with a redirection to another bot where a client can continue a dialog to learn about services you provide.