To enjoy the benefits of using Whatsapp through Twilio, you can connect it in your personal account following this instruction.

1. Register at and buy a phone number ( Dependent on the needs of your business, you can choose the capabilities of a phone number you are buying. We advise to choose SMS anyway beсause sending SMS or messages through Whatsapp are done through the same methodology.

2. To enable your phone numbers for Whatsapp, you need to send a request to Twilio here:

3. To connect Whatsapp through Twilio to your bot, go to “Dashboard” ( and copy Account SID and Auth Token 

4. In the “Configure” section in your personal account at Odus open “Channels” to connect Whatsapp Business

5. Insert Account SID and Auth Token in subsequent spaces and press “Save”

6. Insert the phone number you bought and press “Save”

7. Once your phone number is approved by Twilio and your Twilio number is activated for WhatsApp, you should configure the number using a webhook URL that we provide you with, to utilize your chatbot. You should configure your webhook on your WhatsApp sender(s). You will find your approved sender(s) listed on this page once you have been approved and had one or more Twilio numbers enabled for WhatsApp:
You should click your WhatsApp number on the page above. Then, the field for modifying the configured webhook is labeled, “When a Message Comes In.” You should enter the webhook from Odus there and save changes.