You can connect any of 1000 services Zapier has to our platform using Zapier. Expoliting every service is different, so you need to study the instructions of Zapier.

Connect Zapier to your bot

To connect, we use WebHooks. Follow the steps below to create a connection:

1. Open Zapier and hit the “Make a Zap!” button.

2. Select “Webhooks” from the list of applications.

3. Select “Catch Hook” option and save.

4. Copy your webhook on this step and paste into the field to the left. Hit the “Save” button on our platform. You can skip the next step. Or you can conduct a test. First, press the green button in Odus, and then the blue button in Zapier.

8. That’s all. Now you can customize your Zap! At the end, you will see such a screen with test user data.

Adding Integration to dialog scripts

To transfer user data to Zapier, you need to add this function to the Dialog Builder. To do this, you can create a separate Answer block or add a function to existing blocks.

As soon as this function is activated, all data that is known about the user at the moment will be transferred to Zapier.

You can also add your own additional variable of any value. But this action is optional and up to you.

 The best way to use the data transfer function in Zapier is to put an integration inside an Answer block immediately after a Form Block.